4.5" Snap and Glide Shrimp

Original 4.5" version of the Snap and Glide Shrimp

Snap and Glide Jr.

Smaller 3.25" version of the Snap and Glide Shrimp

Snap and Glide Shrimp

Lifelike Movement

The Snap and Glide was created by me, Capt. Joe Johnson, an inshore fishing guide, to imitate a live brown shrimp. I wanted to make the best fake shrimp I could so I started sculpting. I went through several prototypes before arriving at the conclusion that I couldn't have just one or two shrimp. I offer the Snap and Glide in four sizes, a 3" (Stealth tail), a 3.25" (Jr. tail) and a 4.25" - 4.5" inch with two different tails... fancy (longer tail/shown above) and regular (like the Jr.).  The Stealth and the Jr. are similar, but the Stealth features a more slowly falling bait with a shorter wider body and a stealth bomber looking tail. 

The Snap and Glide Shrimp is made from U.S. sourced materials like Pro-Cure shrimp oil from the Pacific N.W. and wild caught shrimp powder from Louisiana. It smells like a real shrimp. When properly rigged it moves like a living shrimp.  

Add a dab of Pro-Cure Super Shrimp Gel and you've got a winner.

I recommend the Grip-Pin-Swim hook from Mustad #2 and 4/0 or the Owner Down Shot hook 1/0 and 3/0 for the originally intended "Snap and Glide" action.  Model#G91768NP-BN 

Multiple Rigging Options

The Snap and Glide Shrimp is extremely versatile allowing for a variety of rigging options. It can be fished on a jig head, live bait hook, or any number of worm or jerk bait hooks. 

When fishing the Snap and Glide a slow presentation is best. The lure will softly glide forward when reverse Texas rigged allowing it to be snapped backward like a real shrimp. Once the lure reflexes it will again continue it's forward glide. 

To achieve a faster sink rate a pinch-on weight can be used. The forward speed as well as the glide plane can be controlled by the placement of the weight on the hook shank.

When Texas rigged like a worm or standard swimbait the Snap and Glide will drift forward naturally and weedlessly.  

Use a jighead to plumb the deeper channels, troughs, and flats with the Snap and Glide.  It's a great search bait.

The Snap and Glide Shrimp and a popping cork go together like biscuits and gravy.  All of the above mentioned tactics can be used under a float with great success.

 Procure more fish. Fish more Pro-Cure.

Put some of Pro-Cure's Super Shrimp Gel on your Snap and Glide or any fake shrimp you want to take to the next level.


Fish Catching

Break out the batter and heat up the fryer! The Snap and Glide Shrimp catches fish.

Any angler who has fished live shrimp knows they have a tendency to swim out and away from the places we most want them to explore.

The Snap and Glide Shrimp has No Brain.  The Snap and Glide knows No Fear.

 Swim it under an overhang. Let it fall into an obstruction. Skip it under a dock or a mangrove. Give it a little Snap then let it Glide. This shrimp goes looking for trouble.

It catches trout, redfish, snook, snapper, flounder, tarpon, bonefish, grouper, cobia, tripletail, pompano, mackerels, jacks, ladyfish, bass, and everything else that eats shrimp.

Ring the dinner bell with the Snap and Glide Shrimp.