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Fish don't eat it, they Thump-It!

About Us

Who we are

Thump-It is a family owned and operated business specializing in hand poured soft plastic baits for both fresh and saltwater fishing. is the home of the original Snap and Glide Shrimp. A realistic imitation that mimics a live shrimp. It snaps and glides like the real thing.


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What we do

Here at Thump-It we strive to produce high quality fishing tackle and  innovative soft plastic products for all your fishing needs. From waters sweet to brine, our baits put fish on your line.

Lure in the big one.

Why should you fish Thump-It ?

Simply put, our baits catch fish.

Fish don't just eat it, they Thump-It!!

Our American sourced, high quality, soft plastic combined with potent fish catching designs make our baits effective for all species of game fish.

If it swims we probably have a bait for it. From Bluegills to Blue Marlin, Thump-It gets thumped.

It's American Made.

That's a fact. Every Thump-It bait is hand made right here in Nokomis, Florida U.S.A. 


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